NEBO offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions to help guide you on all of your adventures, but the camping lights in this category have been specifically curated by our experts and are ideal for Camping scenarios. NEBO camping lights are designed for durability to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Explore our selection of LED camping lights, camping flashlights, camping lamps, and more.

  1. Image of the NEBO SLIM Pocket Light in 3 colors: Black, Red, and Silver.
    SLIM Rechargeable Pocket Light
    500 lumens
    NOW $39.99

Camping Lanterns

When it comes to camping lanterns, NEBO offers some of the best and brightest options on the market. Our camping lanterns are made tough with high-quality LED bulbs that provide bright, evenly dispersed light and have long run times. Our camping lanterns are USB rechargeable and can also double as a power bank for your other USB devices in case of emergency needs. Additionally, NEBO camping lanterns are rugged and water/impact resistant, but very lightweight and compact, making them easy to pack and carry. Check out our Galileo series for some popular camping lantern examples. The Galileo 1000 gives you up to 1,000 lumens and has a built-in red light mode for night vision, while the Galileo Air 1000 features a collapsible body and 6 different light modes.

Camping Flashlights & Spotlights

Anyone who enjoys camping or spending time outdoors should consider investing in a NEBO camping flashlight. These camping lights are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of camping and outdoor life, and they offer a number of features that other flashlights simply don't. For example, many NEBO camping flashlights are USB rechargeable, meaning you'll never have to worry about replacing batteries. Additionally, most of our camping flashlights feature our patent-pending optimized C.O.B. technology which ensure a more evenly dispersed, focused beam of light. And if you're worried about dropping your flashlight in a river or lake, don't be - many NEBO camping lights are also waterproof and impact resistant. Plus, many also have a magnetic base, so you can easily attach your camping flashlight to a tent pole or camping gear, freeing up your hands for other tasks. Check out popular models like the extremely powerful NEBO 12K (up to 12,000 lumens) or any model in our Luxtreme spotlight collection (the Luxtreme SL100 blasts light up to 1 mile away). So, if you're looking for a reliable and durable camping light, look no further than NEBO.

Camping Headlamps

If you’re searching for a powerful headlamp or cap light for your next camping trip, NEBO has you covered there too. Our camping headlamps feature the same technology and design that make all of our lights durable, reliable, and extra bright, with the added benefit of adjustable head straps and adjustable hat clips so you can take full advantage of hands-free lighting. Check out the Transcend series or the Einstein series for popular models. The Transcend 1500 blasts up to 1,500 lumens but can also give you up to 30 hours of run time on Low mode. The Einstein 1500 Flex has the same 1,500 lumen power, and is compact and lightweight with a built-in red light mode for better night vision.