LED Rechargeable Lanterns

Next-generation, rechargeable, LED lanterns are something we specialize in here at NEBO. With our Galileo line of LED lanterns, you get form and function all in one durable package. All our LED lanterns come with a sleek, compact design, while being loaded with features that make them a must-have for any outdoor recreation. Whether you’re looking for a powerful camping lantern or want a reliable light for a home emergency kit, NEBO has the light for you. Feeling a little more old school? In addition to next-generation technology, NEBO also makes antique-style lanterns with an LED twist (and everything in between). Take a look at the full line of NEBO LED lanterns and find the perfect accessory for your outdoor activities.

  1. Image of the NEBO Poppy 300 Lumen Pop-Up Lantern and Spot Light
    300 lumens
    As low as NOW $24.99

Camping Lanterns

Camping lanterns from NEBO are a great way to light up your campsite. Our camping lanterns come fully loaded with user-friendly features and a variety of brightness levels, all the way up to 1,000 lumens. Our Galileo collection is very popular as a camping accessory, with three different models to choose from. They are very durable thanks to their ABS plastic design, so they can withstand being dropped or knocked over. They are also water resistant, so they can stand up to the elements, and come with convenient handles and can be hung anywhere for hands-free lighting. These lanterns produce a lot of light and can run for hours without needing to be recharged. Plus, they can also act as a power bank for your other USB devices.

Why Buy a Rechargeable LED Lantern from NEBO?

A rechargeable lantern is an important tool to have on hand for a variety of situations. Camping trips, power outages, and emergency situations are all made easier with a rechargeable LED lantern. NEBO offers a wide variety of rechargeable lanterns, each with their own unique features. Our LED lanterns are bright and long-lasting, providing 360 degrees of bright light for full area coverage. And though our LED lanterns are rechargeable, many of them also have flex power, and you can swap out the rechargeable battery for alkaline D batteries if needed. LED lanterns from NEBO are easy to use, lightweight and easy to carry, with available models coming in at under 1lb. Keep a NEBO lantern on hand for outdoor activities, in a home emergency kit, or in your car in case you ever need roadside assistance.