Keychain & Pocket Lights


NEBO is one of the leading brands when it comes to pen lights and pocket flashlights. Their pen lights provide bright, focused beams that come in a variety of styles and features, depending on your needs. These pen lights are also easily transportable due to their compact yet powerful design. NEBO's pocket flashlights are perfect for lighting tasks up close or from a distance. Not only do these LED flashlights deliver maximum brightness, but their adjustable zoom means you get exactly the beam type you need. All NEBO pen lights and pocket flash lights are built extremely durable so you can be sure they'll last while helping you tackle any job—big or small!

  1. Image of the NEBO MYCRO keychain flashlight
    400 lumens
    As low as NOW $39.99
  2. Image of the NEBO MYPAL Keychain Light in Pink and Black
    400 lumens
    As low as NOW $34.99

Keychain and Pocket Lights

NEBO is the go-to brand for keychain lights and pocket flashlights that are both reliable and versatile. Our industry-leading pen lights provide a focused beam with adjustable zoom settings so you can get exactly the light you need. These lights come in a variety of features and styles to meet any need you may have, but they're all just as portable as they are powerful. And if you're looking for something with a bit more range, NEBO pocket flashlights don't disappoint. Built to be extremely durable, these LED flashlights deliver maximum output while still managing to fit in your pocket or keychain light. So no matter the job—big or small—NEBO has you covered!