Replacement Batteries


Buying extra rechargeable batteries may seem strange, until you realize that buying that extra battery means your NEBO rechargeable flashlight can operate continuously without taking a recharge rest. By purchasing NEBO replacement LED flashlight batteries, you'll save hundred of dollars that you might have spent on traditional alkaline batteries. Browse our selection of NEBO replacement batteries to use with our popular DaVinci, Redline, and Slyde King product lines.

Backup Batteries for LED Flashlights

Purchasing backup batteries for your NEBO light will help you tackle any task or activity with greater ease. This is especially true if you are an avid outdoors enthusiast, someone preparing an emergency kit for your home, or if you work in a high-pressure field like police officers or search and rescue. NEBO LED flashlights, headlamps, and pen lights all have long run times, but if you’re planning an extended hiking trip, or preparing for long power outages, it’s a smart investment to have more than one battery for your light on hand. Especially since many NEBO flashlights double as a power bank for your other USB devices. Why not double your run time between charges too? Always be prepared with backup rechargeable flashlight batteries from NEBO.