Innovative Technologies

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Next generation NEBO LED technology

Ever since we first started creating LED flashlights 20 years ago, we have been leading innovation in the category. Whether it's working to make LED chips more efficient, powerful, or increase battery performance, our engineers are constantly searching for new and exciting ways to bring light to what you do. On this page you can find some of the next generation technologies that we have innovated to improve LED performance.

  • Optimized C.O.B.

    Designed for both industry-leading brightness and zoom capability, Optimized C.O.B. provides brilliant illumination in spot mode, and a perfectly dispersed flood light beam with our integrated OC Technology.

  • OcTM technology

    OC (Optimized Clarity) Technology creates a perfectly dispersed beam of intense, pristine light that is as bright on the edge as it is in the center when used in flood mode.

  • Flex-powerTM technology

    Flex-Power allows this light to run on the included rechargeable battery or disposable alkaline batteries.

  • Smart power control

    Smart Power Control creates a seamless transition through light modes to extend battery life