NEBO offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions to help guide you on all of your adventures, but the hunting lights in this category have been specifically curated by our experts and are ideal for Hunting scenarios. NEBO hunting lights are specially made for durability and reliability in outdoor areas. Focus on your target with powerful hunting flashlights, hunting spotlights, and hunting headlamps from NEBO.


LED Headlamps & Cap Lights For Hunting

Many hunters prefer to use NEBO LED headlamps and cap lights when hunting at night. LED hunting lights from NEBO are incredibly bright, and they last a long time on a single charge. Headlamps and cap lights are especially convenient because they can be comfortably worn around your head or clipped to your hat to leave your hands free to carry hunting equipment or set up camp. Many of our LED hunting light headlamps even have multiple light settings, so you can choose how much light you need for the task at hand. Hunting cap lights are another popular option from NEBO, as they are lightweight and easy to wear.

When choosing a hunting light, it is important to consider how much light you need and how long you will be using the light. For longer hunting trips, it is worth investing in a high-quality hunting light that will provide plenty of light and beam distance. Choose from popular NEBO models like the Transcend 1500 for up to 1,500 lumens on Turbo and a max of 28 hours of run time depending on light mode. Plus many of our hunting light headlamps are waterproof and impact resistant, so you can trust they will withstand the elements.

LED Lanterns For Hunting

When hunting at night, it is important to have a good light source so you can see what you are shooting at and avoid accidents. An LED lantern from NEBO is a great option for a hunting light because it provides a wide area of bright light that can be directed as needed. Our LED Lantern hunting lights are also lightweight and easy to carry, which is important when hunting in remote areas. When hunting predators such as coyotes, hogs, or coons, a lantern can also be used to help attract the animal to your location. Many hunters use hunting lights with red lenses to avoid spooking game, but an LED lantern from NEBO comes with a built-in red light mode for the same purpose. Check out our top models like the Galileo 1000 or Galileo Air 1000. Both are USB-C rechargeable, come with hanging hooks, and can double as a power bank for your other USB devices. Plus, the Galileo 1000 Air is collapsible, making it even easier to carry. Whether you are hunting for sport or for food, an LED lantern hunting light is a valuable tool that can help you succeed in your hunt.