Tactical & Self-Defense


A powerful LED self-defense flashlight can be a life saver, literally. NEBO offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions trusted by experts and ideal for tactical situations. Our tactical flashlights are bright, durable, and feature user-friendly design for easy control. Be safe and prepared when you carry a rechargeable tactical flashlight from NEBO.

    500 lumens
    As low as NOW $34.99

Bright, Reliable Tactical & Self Defense Flashlights

When it comes to tactical and self-defense flashlights, NEBO is a brand you can trust. With over 20 years of experience in the flashlight industry, NEBO has a proven track record of quality and innovation. All of our tactical and self-defense flashlights are made with the highest-quality materials and construction, so you know you're getting a product that will last and can withstand tough work. In addition, NEBO's tactical and self-defense flashlights are designed for real-world use, with features like aircraft-grade aluminum bodies, waterproof and impact resistant ratings, tactical edges, and powerful magnetic bases when you need hands-free lighting. If you're looking for a tactical or self-defense flashlight that you can rely on, NEBO is the brand for you.

Tactical Flashlights For Military, First Responders, Law Enforcement

Tactical and self-defense flashlights from NEBO are the perfect choice for first responders, law enforcement, security guards, and anyone who needs a reliable, high-quality light. NEBO is a leading manufacturer of tactical and self-defense flashlights, and our products are trusted by law enforcement and military personnel around the world. Our tactical and self-defense flashlights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from handheld flashlights like the Redline X, to powerful pocket-sized lights like the Torchy 2K. NEBO tactical flashlights are super bright and emit up to 2,000 lumens of light distances up to hundreds of feet away. These tactical and self-defense flashlights are fully rechargeable and have long run times, complete with power memory recall and user-friendly design to easily toggle between light modes. Always be prepared with a NEBO tactical flashlight.