GALILEO 1000 Rechargeable Lantern

Adaptive Light for Outdoors

GALILEO 1000 Rechargeable Lantern

Adaptive Light for Outdoors

For those who cherish the great outdoors, the GALILEO® 1000 is the lantern that's purpose-built for your adventures. Whether you're a recreational camper or a seasoned outdoorsman, this compact, lightweight, and rechargeable lantern is sure to find a home in your pack or your tent. The Galileo provides up to 1000 max lumens of brilliant light and up to a 15-hour run time. The cylindrical ARCUS™ light panel offers unique 120 or 360 degrees beam patterns of adaptable illumination, perfect for trails or campsites. With advanced C•O•B LED technology and six versatile modes, it's efficient and versatile so you can select the right light output and run time while optimizing power. Adjust brightness effortlessly, thanks to variable dimming and preserve your night vision when stargazing with the red-light mode. It also doubles as a power bank to charge your devices. Built tough, it's ready for any adventure.

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360° High -  1000 Lumens / 2 hours 20 min runtime / 21m (23 Yards)

360° Low -    100 Lumens / 10 hour runtime / 7m (7.6 Yards)

120° High -   450 Lumens / 5 hours 30 min runtime / 18m (19.6 Yards)

120° Low -      45 Lumens / 15 hours runtime / 7m (7.6 Yards)

Red High -      18 Lumens / 11 hours 30 min runtime / 3m (3.2 Yards)

Red Low -         2 Lumens / 60 hours runtime / 1m (1.09 Yards)


• 1000 Max Lumens
• 15-Hour Max Run Time
• 6 Light Modes
• 120° and 360° Beam Pattern
• Variable Dimmable
• Memory Recall
• Direct-to-Red Startup
• USB-C Rechargeable
• Power Bank Capable
• Compact & Lightweight Design
• Carabiner-Style Carry Handle
• Durable and Impact-Resistant


ARCUS is a cylindrical COB light panel that provides a full 360 degrees or 120 degrees of bright light.

Designed for industry-leading brightness, C•O•B LED chip technology provides brilliant illumination while offering improved energy efficiency over standard LEDs.

COB (Chip On Board) contains more LED chips to provide a strong, uniform beam for a greater overall lighting experience. COB technology is known for better lumen-per-watt ratios and heat efficiency so it can produce a large amount of lumens with less energy consumption than a standard LED.


Smart Power Control™ creates a seamless transition through light modes to extend battery life.


Included Accessories:
1x USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable


Power Specs
Input: USB-C Port (5V⎓1A)
Output: USB-A Port (5V⎓1A)
Battery: Li-ion (18650, 3.7V, 2600mAh)


Dimensions: 3.74” (L) x 3.74” (W) x 7.28” (H)
Weight: 0.82 lb

California Prop 65 Warning

GALILEO 1000 Rechargeable Lantern

Adaptive Light for Outdoors