Solar Zapper and Lantern

Zaps Bugs Dead

Whether you’re spending time in the backyard or camping in the woods, the NEBO Solar Zapper & Lantern will enhance your outdoor space with its warm glow while attracting and zapping all kinds of pests, including mosquitos, flies, gnats, June bugs, no see-ums, and more. To better attract flying insects, NEBO’s dual-band UV attractant technology covers a wider range of the UV light spectrum than competitors relying on a single band UV. This superior technology entices pesky flying insects into the light where they are zapped by the powerful 1,300-volt electrical grid. The solar panel passively recharges the internal battery during the day and includes an ambient light sensor which can automatically turn the unit on in low-light conditions to begin providing protection at dusk when flying insects are most active. Due to its compact and lightweight design, it is easily portable so you can place it on a tabletop or hang it from a tree branch. It is also great for indoor use so you can place it in an RV, camper, or tent. Hybrid recharging allows the internal battery to be recharged via the integrated solar panel or with the included USB-C cable. Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the removable base and cleaning brush.

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Solar Zapper and Lantern

Zaps Bugs Dead


3 Light Modes
Warm Glow: 34 Hours
UV: 22 Hours
Warm Glow + UV: 13 Hours

Versatile light modes and run times allow you to customize how and where you use your lantern zapper so it can adapt to your needs.

Warm Glow LED Light Only Mode: Up to a 34- hour run time. This mode provides aesthetic accent lighting for gatherings or ambience.

UV Zapper Only Mode: Up to a 22-hour run time This mode is best for attracting and eliminating


• Effective Against Flying Insects
• Solar-Powered
• Solar & USB-C Rechargeable
• Warm Aesthetic Glow
• Powerful 1,300-Volt Electric Grid
• Protective Grid Guard
• Safe for Indoor or Outdoor Use
• Water-Resistant
• Durable Impact-Resistant Design
• Warranty: 1-Year


While all zappers use UV light to attract and eliminate insects, only NEBO uses a patented, dual-band attractant technology to better target the wide variety of flying insects that key in on different UV light spectrums.


Hybrid recharging allows the internal battery to be recharged via the integrated solar panel or with the included USB-C cable.

Solar Recharge Time: 14 Hours (in full sunlight)
USB-C Recharge Time: 4 Hours



The integrated light sensor saves you time and effort by avoiding the hassle of manual controls or setting timers. Whenever the unit is on (any light mode), the light sensor monitors ambient light to automatically enable defense protection near dusk and disable the unit to begin solar recharging during the day.


Easy and intuitive, simply twist and rotate the unit housing to select the preferred light mode.

• No Chemical Insecticides
• Flame-Free & Fuel-Free
• Smoke-Free & Odorless
• Easy to Clean



Accessories Included:
1x Cleaning Brush
1x USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable


Battery: Lithium-ion 2000mAh 3.7V

California Prop 65 Warning
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Solar Zapper and Lantern

Zaps Bugs Dead