Here’s Why You Need NEBO’s New Spotlight Technology


Here’s Why You Need NEBO’s New Spotlight Technology

NEBO LEP Spot Light Beam

Spotlights are essential gear for performing outdoor activities at night—and for good reason. A quality spotlight allows users to move about confidently in unfamiliar terrain, shed light on invisible threats at extreme distances, and even call for help if the need arises.

But despite their clear value, it’s been said that no one spotlight can do it all. That’s no longer true, thanks to NEBO’s technologically impressive new line of Luxtreme spotlights. Four of its five units employ high-nit LEDs, coupled with a custom reflector, to achieve extremely high beam distances while maintaining a compact size.

At the top of the line is the innovative SL100 Spotlight, which uses Laser Excited Phosphor (LEP) technology to throw a bright light at distances up to one mile.

NEBO Luxtreme SL100 spot light laser beam

“We’re developing a lot of other products based on this fascinating LEP technology,” says Todd Marcucci, VP of Engineering for NEBO. “Its laser outputs onto an aluminum substrate coated in phosphorus, resulting in an invisible blue light and a white light that can achieve a high lux output for great distance. We think the tech will yield a lot of great new products for the consumer.”

Ready for action anytime, anywhere

Portability was a major consideration in creating the NEBO Luxtreme line, according to Director of Industrial Design, Clark McCune. “Traditional spotlights are large and unbalanced, with a clunky design that fails to utilize interior space. In contrast, the compact and lightweight NEBO series moves weight to the center of the grip to improve portability and ease of use in single-hand operation.”

The Luxtreme line also features a belt clip, tripod mount and carry lanyard for hassle-free movement from place to place. Its USB-C and continuous battery charging capability provides maximum reliability in challenging situations. For example, the absence of batteries and wall adaptors increases portability while eliminating the possibility of losing power while observing prey from a truck or all-terrain vehicle.

Where durability meets design

A significantly scaled-back reflector and housing unit gives Luxtreme spotlights a sleek, ergonomic look that’s yet another departure from the “coffee can” design of yesteryear.

But users shouldn’t mistake modernity for timidity. The Luxtreme’s ergonomic design retains the time-tested pistol grip and body forged from water-resistant rubber and aircraft aluminum. Each unit features an integrated PA66 housing and large capacity lithium-ion battery for maximum run times.

Meanwhile, the intuitive mode selection dial removes the toggling frustration commonly associated with traditional spotlights. “With separate SmartPower controls for mode selection and activation, the spotlights can seamlessly transition through different light modes,” says McCune. “This allows the user to easily customize their lighting experience and save their settings for specific outdoor and professional applications.”

Going the distance

Luxtreme spotlights are comfortable and versatile, coupling a white/red COB light with a patented LEP module for incredible beam distance and a dual-color flood pattern for use at close range.

“We’ve invested a lot of innovation into this new line,” Marcucci says. “Our goal was to completely reimagine spotlights for every possible user, from its size to its brightness and distance capabilities, so whether it’s night fishing or a challenging search-and-rescue mission, there’s no situation the Luxtreme can’t handle.”