Can I bypass the sensor in the 22W Landscape kit (NEB-LSP-0002), or use a remote/smart switch on it?

The photo sensor included in the 22W landscape kit also happens to convert the transformer output (which is DC) to AC. However, the lights included in the kit include a bridge rectifier, so they will work properly off DC or AC. The sensor can be removed/bypassed, and a smart plug or switch used to turn the transformer on and off manually or remotely. Note that with the sensor removed, the lights will be on all the time, as long as AC power is provided to the transformer (plugged in, not on a switch, or switch on).

The sensor eye can be installed but covered as well, but just installing the lights and transformer without it is perfectly safe and valid.

Note that while we have tested with a couple of smart switches, we have not done so extensively and can’t guarantee any compatibility. Our devices pass FCC regulations, so they will not emit "harmful" radiation, but we can’t guarantee compatibility or that our device or others will be free from any interactions. That said, we would expect this landscape kit to work fine with most quality smart (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.) switches. Any traditional mechanical switch should work fine as well.