Can I jump Start my EV?


Can I jump Start my EV?

Can I jump Start my EV

EVs, just like normal internal combustion vehicles, have an accessory battery that is used to turn the vehicle on and off, operate various accessories, and allow things like electronic locks and keyless entry to work when the vehicle is off. Also just like on a normal vehicle, these batteries may die and need to be jump started in order to get the vehicle working. Our jump starters can be used in these vehicles just like internal combustion vehicles.

While EVs may not have a starter motor, there are several relays and contactors that enable various driveline/powertrain (“traction”) electronics, that power off of the larger, high-voltage traction battery. This traction battery can’t be jumped by our jump starters, but these rarely fail.

If the accessory battery runs down or fails, these electronics may not function and an EV may not “start” (this may manifest as an inability to unlock or turn on the vehicle, or not go into drive, or similar drivability issues). In many cases a battery icon may light on the dash (similar to an internal combustion vehicle) or some other error message related to the 12V battery or charging system may illuminate.

The process to jump start an EV is the same as a normal vehicle. If the vehicle fails to start, open the hood and locate the battery. Make sure that the terminals are tight on the battery and not corroded (tighten and clean if needed). Attach the clamps to the jump starter, and then the battery. Press the Jump Start button and wait for the self test. Once the self test passes and the button illuminates solid green, you can now attempt to start (turn on) the vehicle.

It’s important to note that the reason the battery would not originally start should be identified. If an accessory was left on or something ran down the battery, correct that issue to allow the battery to fully recharge through normal driving. If you can’t find a reason, have the battery tested whenever convenient. The battery may be defective or simply old and too low of a capacity to be reliable.