BLACKOUT BACKUP - Emergency Bulb 2-pack

Twice the piece of mind when the power goes out

BLACKOUT BACKUP - Emergency Bulb 2-pack

Twice the piece of mind when the power goes out

Prepare for unexpected power outages with the NEBO BLACKOUT BACKUP™ EMERGENCY BULB 2-pack, a game-changer in home lighting solutions. This ingenious LED bulb doubles as a standard light source and a reliable emergency light, effortlessly fitting into most lighting fixtures. Its rechargeable internal battery stays ready, ensuring up to 12 hours of bright, reassuring light during sudden blackouts.

Installing the bulb is as simple as twisting it into your light socket. When powered, it operates in a Fixture High Mode, emitting a brilliant 850 lumens. In the event of an outage, switch to the Backup Mode and choose between Backup High, Medium, or Low, providing 500, 185, or 80 lumens respectively.

This energy-efficient marvel uses a mere 8 watts, making it a perfect replacement for your 60-Watt incandescent or even CFL bulbs. The bulb comes with a power cap, transforming it into a portable handheld light, while the integrated hanging hook allows for versatile placement options.

With the BLACKOUT BACKUP™ Emergency Bulb, gain the peace of mind and independence knowing you're always one step ahead of the next power outage. Illuminate your space consistently, even when the power's out.

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Fxture High (850 lumens) - 24 Meters / 78 Feet

Backup High (500 lumens): 2 hours - 18 Meters / 59 Feet

Backup Medium (185 lumens): 6 hours - 9 Meters / 29 Feet

Backup Low (80 lumens): 12 hours - 6 Meters / 19 Feet


• Rechargeable Internal Battery
• Energy Efficient 8-Watts (60W Replacement)
• Run Time: Up to 12 Hours of Emergency Lighting
• Color Temp: Soft White (3000K Color Temp)
• Fit Guide: A70 Size (Equivalent to Standard A21) with E26 screw base
• 4 Modes: Fixture High, Backup High, Backup Medium, Backup Low
• Compatibility: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 8W AC compatibility with US and
worldwide voltages
• ETL Certified (#4002575)
• Durable Impact-resistant Construction • Smart Battery Protection • Accessories: Power Cap with Hanging Hook
• Warranty: 1-Year
• For Indoor and Outdoor Use
• Non-dimmable
• Not for use in totally enclosed luminaires

  • Cycling through modes can be done via the included power cap accessory or via your wall switch so you don’t have to remove it from the light fixture.
  • Always charged and always ready, the internal battery acts like a backup generator by switching from AC (wired) power during a power outage to DC (battery) power so you don’t lose the ability to keep the lights on in your home. It is also rechargeable and automatically recharges itself from the grid once power is restored so you don’t have to remove it from the light fixture and recharge it manually with cables.
  • At a 3000K temperature rating, the Blackout Backup Emergency Bulb is a blend between a traditional soft white (2700-3000K) and a warm white bulb (3000-4000K) providing a slightly warm, yet neutral illumination for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • The energy-efficient LED uses only 8-watts, making it an ideal replacement for 60-Watt incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs. It uses 7.5x less energy than a standard 60W incandescent bulb and is 2-3x more efficient than standard 60W replacement CFL bulbs.



Q:  If we just unplug a lamp with this Bulb will it turn ON?

A:  Unplugging the lamp is NOT the same as a power failure; it is the same as turning off the switch when power is present. This unit can tell the difference. When installed in a fixture or outlet and connected to home wiring, whenever the power goes out (but the unit remains in the fixture), the unit will work. The holder can be used to test the bulb or to operate it portably while not in a fixture.

California Prop 65 Warning
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BLACKOUT BACKUP - Emergency Bulb 2-pack

Twice the piece of mind when the power goes out