NEBO Submerser Lights

Dave Anderson

NEBO Submerser Lights

NEBO Submersible Lights

Anglers have been taking advantage of the effects of manmade light being cast on or beneath the water just about as long as the light bulb has been in existence. We’ve all read the stories about (or perhaps experienced) giant striped bass lining up in bridge shadows waiting in ambush to take down any unsuspecting baitfish or bucktail that swung through its kill zone.

Anyone that’s walked the docks of a well-lit marina at night has seen the plethora of baitfish and predators that congregate in the lights and shadows there. These phenomena were once thought of as happy accidents, places where the influences of Mother Nature and man overlapped to create a perfect scenario for viewing and catching fish. In recent years, boat manufacturers have begun integrating through-hull lighting for night swimming and night fishing, but not everyone is ready to buy a new boat outfitted with the latest technology, and many may also balk at the idea of drilling holes in their hull. Well, now you don’t have to.

The design team at Nebo lights saw an opportunity to mobilize the advantages of underwater lighting, opening up seemingly endless possibilities for anglers and water lovers who want to extend their enjoyment into the dark hours. Nebo offers two versions of their rugged and ingenious ‘Submerser’ series submersible lights, the Submerser 300 COB Green Fishing Light which runs on three AAA batteries and their Submerser 12V COB Green Fishing Light that runs off a 12V battery connected via a 20-foot power cable. All of their submersible lights carry an IPX8 waterproof rating and are submersible to a depth of 30 feet.

For those that want ultimate portability, the “Submerser 300” is the perfect choice, running on three AAA batteries, these powerful LED’s will put out 4 hours of glowing green at 300 lumens. The package includes batteries and 20 feet of rope so you can deploy the light wherever you see fit, and its compact size (9.25” x 1.75”) allows you to carry anywhere which makes it perfect for situations where space is at a premium, like a kayak, canoe or even a paddleboard. The 300 size will also provide hours of fun for children that love to fish or swim at night. One last cool feature is that they turn on when they contact water and turn off when you pull them out.

If you want to put a little more glow into the water or just want longer runtime, look into Nebo’s Sumbmerser C series. These range from 400 to 1600 lumens (the model numbers match their output in lumens) and their runtime will be determined by the power of the light. As Nebo puts it, these lights will “kick-start the food chain” by drawing in baitfish and predators, which can help up your game, from inshore squidding and stripers to nighttime chunking in the canyons – it will even draw hordes of freshwater bait and predators to your boat, dock or shore fishing location.

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